Laila married today

Laila married today.

Married princess type. Bring some friends of the groom. There will be a few relatives. Qazi will bring. Marriage will be taught. They will go with the bride. Dower five lakh. Avenge one million.

What is it like to get married? Do not wear yellow, some do not. Laila has decided that he will run in the afternoon. Has not yet decided where to go. Kalyanpur is one bandhabi. It is up to their home. There are telephone. Others can be contacted by telephone.

The wedding day is different. Not at all different from the other days of the day of her wedding. Just like before everything tagara-Palash not going to school. They are playing football on the balcony with great enthusiasm.

Fabric was not in the office. The wicker chair on the balcony watching the boys play. Tarek said Laila Give me tea.

Laila went to make tea. Her mother said, do not yaiyena beer in the oven at the Record. Baiya tight fit in the room went. I banaitechi tea.

Laila has rebuked him, do not talk more. Kamala’s mother. I do not like that so much.

Laila was moved to tears while making tea. How was his hobby a little bit old, tall, thin, with a nice boy to marry. She will be different with the giant doll. I like to do crazy too. With whom he’s crazy what with getting married? Headmaster appearance of a man. Been married before. Is the son of the party. Who knows, maybe his son will be the wedding bridal party.

Listen man, plain and simple, kind of irritation Ga interactions will be married. Do not have anything to show. I do not want to go through the ceremony.

You can go through the program Hello idiot? There is no caksulajja you! Two days later, after doing the marriage!

Laila did not tell anyone about her marriage. No lajaya tell? Everyone will hasahasi! Do not say-tree. A cry rise? Before marriage such a big boy?

Take tea brother.

Fabric take the ball to the cup of tea in hand, parents are none yet. Is not it? I think there is anger at the mother. The redeemed will bring me angry. Barabuburai or is it? If all goes well-which is missing.

Laila did not answer. Tarek said, Look like tea. If you would like a little strong hayechearekatu cuff.

Rakib what you know about marriage?

I do not know.

Hassan told the News. May have. Bring me another cup of tea for Laila.

Laila went out to tea. Hassan saw coming out from there. Do not eat at the morning tea where they are going. Laila stood in the kitchen door. Do not call without having to call Hassan called, I think, listen. Where is that?

Rahamanadera home. Or his grandmother’s condition is very bad. The news sent the night. I could not go. I see offhand.

Drink tea?

Or is tea? When De tea. If your mouth is dry, you feel? Not sleep at night?


Tension marriage doing?

No tension, you do not, I’ll just why the tension?

Or did you get angry?

Why should I be angry? What do I have to be angry? Bose You are my brother, I’m going to tea.

Laila’s eyes water. Hassan could not give away his tears, he’ll see. What is needed to show tears in the eyes.



I will not be late. Come and go-go-go, which takes time. For two hours the catch. Do you want anything?

What do I need?

Hence the rush-wedding day was just not going to the festival. You’ll not be upset about it. The festival is not a big thing. Thakibi the man with whom his life is great. I like gentlemen.


You’re very angry now-you will like the most. Will the gentleman in front of us you crazy with my body burns with anger must-see.

Here’s your tea.

Laila seen myself in the mirror in the morning you do?

What is there to see herself in the mirror.

Today, I feel very beautiful. Come and see yourself in the mirror.

Please not that crazy brother. Leila Tarique went out of the cup of tea. Not really stand today in front of the mirror. When Hassan said he is seeing yourself again. Laila is going to his house, he saw the taxi stopped in front of the house. Taxi filling people. Barabubu everyone came away. Another taxi from the parents coming back. The smiling face. What! The festival was started or what? Laila’s chest was a little kampana. For example, today was the day of Eid break early childhood. Eid and vibrating chest vibrating as lagata.

Grandmother, Grandmother, and the loud shouting tagara Palash. Barabubu the number of packets coming. Who knows what pyaketagulate.


Ambia Khatun again showed a juggle. Alongside, it was cold. Breathing was dragging. At one time it was slowed breathing. Sikander Ali and beat me, “he shouted with a loud shouting balalenagadhata rise Ambia Khatun feeble voice, and why? Ambia Khatun, the situation was normal. Regular breathing and began to read. He asked for a drink of water. They wanted to leave relatives came together, Shekander Ali said: Do not go now. Died suddenly before the body was good. Being so. You go, events will occur. Would you have in mind at the last moment could not come. Most of it came from relatives. All apeksai painful death than that.

Hassan said the blast reached the house of people. Festival festival mood. Young children playing in the yard. Scattered adults are stories. Trebharti have tea. Tea being taken. In the languor. Just sitting Shekander birasamukhe Ali. Vigil was due to his indisposition. Being pushed little asthma. If you were lying in bed asleep. It looks like this

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