Executed two men for rape and murder by a firing squad.

Two men executed for rape and murder in Guatemala.

Two men executed for rape and murder with a firing squad.


Two men for rape and murder with a firing squad.  And they sentenced to loss of lifeor raping and eliminating a four-year-old girl in 1993 were executed in Guatemala on Friday early morning (13/9) by firing team. Convicts Pedro Casatillo and Roberto Giron were taken up the “Canada” prison in the locationof Escuintla, sixty-five kilometers (30 miles) towards the south of the Guatemalan capital for the execution.
The truth has received a lot of attention because the execution experienced been
suspended twice during the past two months, the second time just two several hours before we were holding due to die.


These men abducted, raped and then wiped out Sonia Marisol Alvarez on the 18 April 93.

Today (Friday) the performance took place at doze. 00 G-M-T, in Canada prison, near Escuintla, 60 kms south of Guatemala City, in the end appeals failed.

The execution had recently been suspended twice before, pursuing an appeal by the Inter- American Commission for Human Rights of the Organization of American Says (O-A- S).

The charm was denied by Guatemalan Supreme Court.

Guatemalan Chief executive, Alvaro Arzu, prevented another appeal by the North american Human Rights Convention.

This individual also denied a past due petition by Pope Steve Paul II.

The previous executions in the area happened in March 1983 during Basic Jose Efrain Rios Montt’s government.

People are claimed that…

If they really raped and murdered the girl (I’m not saying they didn’t) and if it was proven beyond any doubt, their death sentence should be much worse than this. They should be impaled in their ass and slowly out their mouth and left to die slowly for a day or two.


Kidnapping occurs for numerous reasons, robbery, ransom, rape, false imprisonment, murder or all of the above. But if it’s a child and they tape and kill the child then they deserve to be skinned alive and burned to a crisp.

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