Who is the proprietor of this gathering ustara Ali Atiya

The proprietor of this establishment, a past government official discussed ustara Atiya Ali (65). There are various lovers to the conviction arrangement of the social event’s political ustara money. As showed by a few information around an examination ustara Ali. Clarke began his business as a country office of import-passage, he said. As a surrendered administrative officer said.

Ustara Ali Atiya Begum companion. This is named as Atier ‘Atiya Mahal. Around four years back, was inalienable the ways ustara Ali. Ali is hitched golapaganje ustara division five youngsters and two young ladies. His eldest youngster, Iqbal Ali, an expert by calling. Another coal business, a city in eastern jindabajare sit trabhelase Atiya, the two youngsters are analyzing. The two married young ladies.

Another story house in the family quarters next ustara Atiya Ali. There are another three-story working by her. The three-story working in the suburb of the city, there are a few shops in her. Despite the homes, there are a couple of million dollar arrive ustara Ali.

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