Get back to love

“I must say. Today, there is no separation. ”
With all of that. I hope to help look at Rafique’s brother.
But he also attune to everyone today.
“Well, Dad says. But it does not do anything special. Simapala a story too. ”
Lina said: “There is no problem APU brother. We still listen to. ”
He looked at everyone and said, “Do not listen to what?”
“Listen”. Said together.
I quickly looked at tanura. And did not say a word.
Here we are all colleagues. The same group. For several days we have been working on an assignment. Accept it was yesterday. This is our group leader for us has trite.
And here I am focusing all my love to hear. Several times before, I’m content. But it seems this will not get through.
Rafiq’s brother, said: “Today the stock broke through.”
I began my story.
“Three and half years ago. I roamed around like bhyagabandera. Writing in the end, no censana father did not eat at the hotel. Khaidai I roamed around all day. ”
Everyone is looking at me. But on the other hand are looking slim.
“One day. Grew out of the house. Go to New Market. I’m standing on the bus stop for the bus. I saw a girl standing at the right apajite street. Do not tell the world that she was beautiful. There was a tenderness in his face, but how. I could not take my eyes. What I noticed was surprised that the feeling chest. I do not have the power to ignore it. I went to the other side of the road crosses. I had to go to the New Market Mohakhali “.
“And the same thing. She is waiting for the bus. Mohakhali to the same bus. Then come back. This is my routing rough day. She used to think mahakhalite course some things. I was SURE. The girl knew only three days a week at nine o’clock in the morning in the bus stand would. He was starting to live our dream Journey I’m sorry. ”
I was a little quiet.
“Why stop there?” Quite adharyya Lina.
“I am. It will take a breath. ” I started to say.
“She did not notice anything at first, but after 3 weeks that I was in the right ksyala taken back. If you do not see me watching him after the first few cokhamukha would have been tough. Ispastai he is bored. Such behavior, he did not like me at all. But the situation is bad. I can not live without seeing her. What is strange is not it? ”
“I do not know her name, but this interest is tough. Then one day she came to the bus stand at certain times. Came three days after. What shall I say to my condition. If you think may be sick. Or in the course of time has changed. But he did not come. In the next three months, I’d been waiting for her every day to the bus stand. From morning to evening. But he did not come. It disappeared completely out of my life. ”
“Dad are you able to think of something. Sent me a great uncle’s house in Calcutta. Without the same emphasis. Time spent on MBA admission in Calcutta became. Then this office. ”
“End of the story!” Lina said, “You do not get to see her any more?”
I ‘m ready. I said, “I have a little story.”
“remain ?”
“Then what?”
“I also have seen her a few days ago.”
“What”? That said, everyone together.

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