Dress doesn’t make one great

Once upon a time, a great poet in Iran named Sheikh Saadi. He used to lead his life very simple man.Once on his way to court of the king of Iran.he took shelter in a nobleman’s house for a night.he was then very simple dressed, the servant of the house took him an ordinary man.They did not care for his comfort at all.They gave him very simple food.Sheikh Saadi felt sad.In the morning he leaved the house.Then he went the kings court.he reached the court and stayed some days.On his way back time,he again took shelter in that nobleman’s house.This time he was in rich cloths.The noble man noticed him in gorgeous dress.They welcome him very cordially and show him very respected.After some time,the servants care with rich food for him.Sheikh Saadi understood this matter why he was treated nicely.So saadi decided to teach him a good lesson.When he sat dawn to eat a strange things happened.he decided to eating food s,he put them his pocketbook noble mamas well as his servants wa surprised at this.the noble man asked what are doing ¬†??? Saadi ¬†replied I’m doing the right things.Some days when i came your house in simple dress, nobody cared me comfort.Now I’m in gorgeous dress all you are showing respect o me and serving rich food.I think it is not for me.It is for my dress. In this reason I’m putting them into my pocket.The nobleman understood this matter.he became very ashamed and sorry for this.


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