Four police officers harass a woman who reported she was raped.

Four police officers harass a woman who reported she was raped.Police raped that  lady had revealed the loathsome strike, which she said included butt-centric assault and a man urinating on her.

She later got a nine-minute call to her versatile, amid which she could hear one officer perusing her announcement while different officers were snickering and making ‘appalling and indecent’ remarks and scrutinizing her record

The casualty said she caught officers making remarks including ‘he appropriate stuck it up her a***’.

Bedfordshire Police were examining the lady who had been blamed for an ambush and they had entry to her assault charge made to Northamptonshire Police.

The officers, Robin Denton, Matthew Neild, Todd Mills and Deanna Waite were not straightforwardly included in the examination concerning the asserted assault and all were suspended quickly.

Police constable Neild was additionally found to have broken the standard of expert conduct concerning secrecy.



A two-day unfortunate behavior hearing in Newport Pagnell was given a transcript of the officers’ recorded remarks from a coincidental phone call from Kempston police HQ to the casualty.

‘Those nine minutes were torment for me. I couldn’t quit crying and shaking. I will never believe the police and I will never at any point pardon,’ she told the tribunal’s researching officer.

‘My trust in the police is totally reduced. I feel broken and powerless and all on account of the police – the general population I trusted would help me discover equity.’

She went ahead to depict the minute she addressed the culpable call, including: ‘I heard my announcement being perused so anyone can hear. I was with a work associate, I began to shout down the telephone hollering “hi” and “stop”.

‘What I heard was really nauseating, insolent, and indecent. They were clowning about my announcement and making remarks about “I would have done it along these lines”, “he appropriate stuck it up her arse”, and “when I f**k a young lady”.’

The lady said the most exceedingly terrible of information exchanged was not recorded but rather it included irritating casualty faulting remarks like ‘on the off chance that she truly don’t need it she would leave’ and ‘on the off chance that I was stalling out his dick in my mouth indifferently’.


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