Ten Foods You Should Prevent While pregnant

Pregnancy is so pleasure for each and every woman but besides the pleasure every mother have to handle some problem in pregnancy and in addition they should avoid some food to be able to ensure good health of her child. And we are giving a place of some foods that needs to be averted by pregnant woman during this critical time.

Placed of That 10 Food That you ought to Avoid During Motherhood:


Egg is the key source of protein. As fast as possible is essential for conceived woman nonetheless they should avoid un cooked egg. They have salmonella bacteria in which the reasons for fever, be sick. They should eat as soon as possible by cooked properly for kill the bacteria.


Soft Chees which made from Conception is so pleasure for each and every woman. Although besides the pleasure, every mother have to face some injury in pregnant state and they have to be careful. because of some mistakes and carelessness can call and make an accident. in this time mother have to eat nutritious unprepared dairy should be avoided. In unprepared milk, there have lestsria bectaria which is harmful for babies and mothers health.

Half Boiled Meat:

They shouldn’t eat half boiled meat. even packeting meat like souses, salami etc should be avoided. meat and seafood should cooked in one hundred forty five degree.

Fresh juice:

Presently there are different types of bacteria that can increase in numbers in juice of different foods. That is certainly very much harmful for pregnant woman.


many people like this Western food. they also should subtract this. Half boiled meat and sea seafood employed in this dish where have bacteria and what is source of disease.


Coffee works well for remove tiredness. They should cut down drinking coffee in being pregnant. There are coffin in coffee which is reasons behind miscarriage. Everyday can eat 200mg caffein. One glass coffee has 95mg coffin and 47mg coffin has in one cup of tea.

Alcohol Rich Foodstuff:

Alcohol is very much harmful for pregnant female. It might cause serious harm of nerve cells of the infants. Not only alcohol, which food is contains from alcohol they should avoid those.

Unsuspecting Milk:

They should keep away from take unprepared milk. They will must be drink it after boiled it properly.

Green Papayas:

It is harmful for a with child woman. there have lactrix in green papayas which is causes of losing the unborn baby.


who don’t like grape! But we are saying about pregnancy and they have to be more careful. Because of some mistakes and neglectfulness can call and make an accident. In this time mother have to eat nutritious food and so they should avoid some food on her behalf not arrived infant’s health.

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